Who am I? Nobody really. I’ve done a ton of different things for money over the years, but somehow I always come back to writing. While I may never have made a “career” out of it, recently I’ve redoubled my efforts. So if you found your way here in some way or another, please pass the word around. There’s a new guy on the block writing some really weird shit!

I’m not the best at updating this site, especially when I have a project rolling. That being said, you can always find me on Twitter or Facebook.

One of the goals on this site is to provide some resources for writers like me. Just starting out and daunted by the amount of channels you can put your work out on. I’m planning on adding magazines, festivals, anthologies and contests to the resources area to help everyone out. If you know of one I don’t have listed there, please feel free to drop a line here or any of the other platforms to get it listed!

Thanks to everyone to help get things going and growing!

Ray Nichols